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Lucid Reserve Study Professional Edition Upgrade Options

Lucid Reserve Study Professional provides support for up to nine (9) Associations in the base package.  The Professional Edition may be upgraded with options to support more Associations as needed.  Another option provides expanded reporting capability as described in the Lucid Reserve Study Professional Edition product page. 


Professional Edition Upgrades:  
  • Available on CD-ROM only.
  • Available for current, registered users only (be sure to register your product by going to the product registration page, providing all of the required information).
  • A Multi-user version can be developed for server deployment by Lucid Enterprises Computer Consulting services.  Please Contact us for more information.

NOTE:  Product Updates are currently available for mail order purchase only at this time.  A CD-ROM will be mailed to you via Priority Mail.


We will guide you through the following steps to order your upgrades:
  • If you haven't already done so, Register your existing Lucid Reserve Study software (product registration page)
  • Enter the Serial Number of your Registered Lucid Reserve Study software
  • Enter the Email address of the Registered Lucid Reserve Study software User

If you can't remember if you have registered already, just enter your Product Serial Number and Email address below and we will check for you.


Serial Number:

Email Address:



Help on getting Serial Number

Please start by entering a valid Serial Number

The Add to Cart Buttons will appear after a Valid Registered Serial Number has been entered.


Order Optional Products
Additional HOA Support - 5 pack

Additional HOA Support - 10-pack

Additional HOA Support - 15 pack

Additional HOA Support - 20-pack

Association Report (full report) Option

As you press each "Add to Cart" button, you will be directed to the PayPal site so that you may adjust the quantity to purchase for each selected item.  Press the "CONTINUE SHOPPING" Button to Continue shopping, or go directly to the Checkout Process if you are done with your product selections.

When you have finished selecting all of the features to be included in your Upgrade, press the 'View Cart' button and continue to the Checkout Process. 



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