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Are you spending too much money on Gasoline? Lucid Automobile Records (CarCar) can help you save money on your gasoline purchases by helping you determine the proper grade of gasoline to use in your vehicle.  Are all gasoline products the same?  Do the additives used by different gasoline brands, such as Techron®, make a difference in your gas mileage?  Do after-market additives work?

All vehicles react differently to different products.  The answers to these questions can only be answered by a detailed analysis of your gas mileage using different gasoline brands.  Lucid Automobile Records can make this task easy to accomplish!  Start saving money on your gasoline purchases today!

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  • Gas Mileage and Vehicle Expenses:   Automobile Records Screen Track your auto expenses and calculate your cost per mile of operation. Calculate your gas mileage so you can determine if you need to have work done on your vehicle, or if one brand of gas is better than another.  Please refer to the reports section for detailed information.

  • Vehicle Services:   Vehicle Services Screen Record the suggested service intervals recommended by your vehicle manufacturer and track your maintenance. Services may be recorded in terms of mileage and/or time between services.  A report will tell you when services are scheduled to be done and which services are overdue.  Please refer to the reports section for detailed information.

  • Business Use of Vehicle:   Business Use of Vehicle Screen You may track the tax-deductible use of your vehicle for income tax reporting.  Reporting may be done for business, charitable and medical use of the vehicle.  Please refer to the reports section for detailed information.

  • Automobile Trivia:   Automobile Trivia Screen Since it was invented, we have had a love affair with automobiles. Lucid Automobile Records provides an insight into some of the history surrounding the automobile. 

  • Photo Gallery:   Automobile Photo Gallery Screen View over 300 full-color photographs of automobiles built over the last 100 years.  The gold-plated DeLorian, shown below, is just one example from the program.  This 1981 DeLorian is on display at the National Automobile Museum (the Harrah collection), which is located in Reno, NV.  Photographs are viewed using a slide show, which may optionally display information about the photograph. 

  • Gold-plated Delorian Picture

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  • Reports:  
  • A variety of reports are available that may be viewed or printed. 

    Click on the report, below, to view sample output, or on the report icon on the right to view all reports:

    The downloadable User Manual contains copies of all these reports.


    Automobile Record History This report shows all of the information on each gas purchase or vehicle maintenance
    Business Mileage Detail This report shows all of the business use of your vehicle for tax purposes
    Gasoline Tax Detail This report shows how much of your gasoline purchases went to taxes
    Gasoline Statistics by Gas Station This report will help solve the mystery of which gas station or gasoline grade results in the best gas mileage for your vehicle
    Mileage History Monthly Detail This report shows all business use of your vehicle for tax report purposes for the year
    New Report Record History by Date Similar to the Automobile Records Report, this report lists services for a specified date range
    Services Due Report This report shows when the manufacture recommended services are due for your vehicle
    Service Intervals This report shows the Service Intervals that you have specified for your vehicle
    Yearly Automotive Summary This report shows all of the yearly summaries provide in the Automobile Records report, but without the detail information
    Yearly Mileage Summary This report shows a summary of Business Mileage information for a specified tax year


  • Single-user:  Up to 99 separate vehicles may be tracked.

Minimum System Requirements:  
  • Minimum System Requirements:  IBM Compatible PC running Windows® (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10); 8MB RAM; 30MB free disk space; CD-ROM drive for CD-ROM version only).
Current Version:  
  • 8.03.0007
Product Price Range:  
  • $9.95--$29.95 plus any applicable shipping charges

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