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Are you responsible for creating the reserve study for your homeowner's association?  Do you want to check the numbers provided to you by your management company?  Do you want to experiment with different numbers in order to see if you can reduce your monthly homeowner association fees?  If you said 'yes' to any of these questions, this reserve study software is for you!

If you need to support multiple Associations or need access to additional reports, you should examine the features of the Lucid Reserve Study Professional Edition.

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Reserve Parameters Click View All Screen Shots

Reserve Summary Information:  
  • Enter information about your homeowner's association in order to determine your total reserve dollars. 
  • Enter Fiscal Year Ending Date
  • Enter the anticipated rate of inflation
  • Enter the desired annual rate of increases for Monthly Dues
  • Enter the anticipated percentage of return for invested reserve money
  • Optionally, enter the Tax Rate to be applied for Accrued Interest Income
  • Enter the Reserve Balance at the beginning of the year
  • Enter the the anticipated annual reserve contribution (use the supplied calculator)
  • Enter the number of houses or units that will be maintained and assessed
  • Please refer to the Reports section for detailed information on the available reports
Calculate Annual and Monthly reserve contributions:  
  • Use the handy calculator to see how much money will be placed in the reserves per month and for the year.
  • Based on monthly assessments, calculate how much of the monthly dues will be placed in the reserve fund
  • Calculate an estimated minimum monthly dues payment based on projected expenses and reserve study requirements.  Accuracy has been improved significantly in the latest version.
Reserve Detail Information:  
  • Enter detailed information for each expenditure that the association will encounter for the 30-year period. 
  • Enter the internal Account Number and Component Description for each maintenance item
  • Enter the anticipated Replacement Cost based on today's dollars
  • Enter the Year that the item was first installed or last replaced
  • Enter the anticipated Life Expectancy of the Component in years
  • The Estimated Years Remaining will be automatically calculated based on the year the Component was put into service and the Component Life Expectancy
  • When a Component is first added, the user may specify the sort sequence for use in the reports
  • Please refer to the Reports section for detailed information on the available reports
Expense Item Information:  
  • Enter detailed information for each recurring expense that the association will encounter for the current fiscal year. 
  • Enter the internal Account Number (optional) and Expense Description for each expense item
  • Indicate the frequency of the expense (monthly, yearly, etc.) so that monthly and yearly totals can be calculated
  • Please refer to the Reports section for detailed information on the available reports
Monthly Dues Calculator:
  • Calculate estimated monthly dues fees for each unit
  • Optionally, adjust Minimum Reserve Balance for Calculations based on a predetermined limit
  • Monthly Dues will be calculated without yearly increases over 30 years, ensuring that the Reserve Balance does not go below zero or the specified Minimum Reserve Balance
Upgrading to the Professional Edition:  
  • Lucid Enterprises now offers a Professional Edition of Lucid Reserve Study, which includes new reports and support for multiple associations.  Compare Features: Compare Features
  • The Professional Edition works just like the single-association version, except that the user may track up to 9 different Associations. 
  • Reports will be printed with the appropriate association name on the top of each page. 
  • This product version is available on CD-ROM only. 
  • Current, registered users are eligible for a special upgrade price (be sure to register your product by going to the product registration page, providing all of the required information).
  • Need support for more than 9 Associations?  Contact us for a price quotation.  
Additional Features:  
  • Additional product features are available through Lucid Enterprises Computer Consulting services. 

Monthly Expense Report Click View All Reports

  • The Lucid Reserve Study Standard Edition provides basic reports needed to track Reserves.
  • The Lucid Reserve Study Professional Edition provides additional Reports.
  • A variety of reports are available that may be viewed, printed or exported to Microsoft Excel®.  Click on the report, below, to view sample output:


Expense Detail Report

The Expense Detail Report lists each projected expense item and optional Account Number, tallying the expense numbers in terms of both monthly and yearly expenses.

Monthly Dues by Year Report

The Monthly Dues by Year Report lists the Projected Monthly Dues based on the anticipated inflation rate.

Reserve Component List Detail New Report

The Reserve Component List Detail Report lists each Reserve Component entered into the application, listing the Account Number, Useful Life, Remaining Useful Life, and the full Repair or Replacement Cost for each Reserve Component for the current fiscal year.

Reserve Funding Analysis

This report details the income and expenditures for the Reserve Fund.  Interest on savings and future inflation costs are factored into the report.  The report spans a 30-year period, showing the total reserve funds and expenditures for each of the 30 years.

Reserve Funding Summary   Updated Feature

The Reserve Funding Summary Report lists each component and Account Number in the order specified in 'sort sequence'.  The Estimated Replacement Cost is listed for each component, and totaled at the end of the report.  The Year that the Component was last replaced, and Useful Life of the Component is also listed.  In addition, the next year that the Component, and Remaining Life are reported. The Percent Funded percentage is shown for the current fiscal year.

Single-user, one Association:  
  • The Lucid Reserve Study Standard Edition is designed to be used by one user for a single Homeowner's Association. The Lucid Reserve Study Professional Edition provides support for additional Associations.
Minimum System Requirements:  
  • Minimum System Requirements:  IBM Compatible PC running Windows® (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10); 8MB RAM; 30MB free disk space; CD-ROM drive for CD-ROM version only).
Current Version:  
  • 1.03.0027
Product Price Range:  
  • $4.73--$69.95 plus any applicable shipping charges

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