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A complete Help Desk application for tracking bug releases and product enhancements.  Produce Product Release reports for inclusion in your product updates.

This product is invaluable for anyone who needs to support a number of users, whether they be internal users or outside clients

Software Developers will find this product extremely useful in keeping track of Software Changes and reporting those changes to users in a Product Release Report.

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  • Track Service Requests:   Track requests for a variety of maintenance and installation services (e.g., Requests for the installation or repair of computers, computer software, telephones and facility requests).  Please refer to the reports section for detailed information.

  • Service History:   Maintain historical records showing who requested the service, who resolved the issue and how long it took to complete.  Please refer to the reports section for detailed information.

  • Integrated Employee Database:   An integrated employee database allows you to maintain employee department, computer, and phone number information.   Please refer to the reports section for detailed information.

  • Automatic Notification:   Support personnel are notified via a pop-up screen anytime a new service request is assigned to them.  Email update messages are sent to the person reporting the problem as new status becomes available. 

  • Multi-user, Client-Server application:   Multiple users can log on to the system simultaneously and access the same data (Client-Server version only).
  • Additional Features:   Additional product features are available through Lucid Enterprises Computer Consulting services.

  • Reports:   Twenty (20) reports targeted for both support personnel and their managers are available for viewing and printing. The included reports are listed below:

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  • Reports:  
  • A variety of reports are available that may be viewed or printed. 

    Click on the report, below, to view sample output, or on the report icon on the right to view all reports:

    The downloadable User Manual contains copies of all these reports.


    Active Employee Report Produces a report of all active employees entered into the system
    Assignee Activity Report Produces a report of open and closed incidents for each user during a specified time period
    Closed Codes Report Produces a report of closed codes that can be used to close an Incident
    Current Selection Incident Detail Prints a hard copy report of the Incident currently being viewed
    Department Report Reports all of the the active departments entered into the system
    Open Incident Detail by Assignee Report of Detailed Open Incidents, grouped by Assignee
    Open Incident Detail by Product Report of Detailed Open Incidents, grouped by Product Name
    Open Incident Summary by Product Summary Report (without detail) of Open Incidents by Product
    Phone List by Department Name Employee and Department Phone list, grouped by Department Name
    Phone List by Employee First Name Employee Phone list sorted by Employee First Name
    Phone List by Employee Last Name Employee Phone list sorted by Employee Last Name
    Product History Detail By Requestor Report Report Detailed Open and Closed Incidents by Product
    Product History Detail Report Report Detailed Open and Closed Incidents by Product
    Product History Summary Report Report Summary Open and Closed Incidents by Product
    Product Release Contents Report Report Incidents fixed in each product grouped by Product Version
    Product Release Summary Report Product Release Version and Release Date information for each product
    Product Report List of all Products and Product IDs entered into the system
    Request Types List of supported Request Types used in assigning Incidents
    Status Codes Report List of supported Status Codes used in defining Incident status
    User Name Report List of all active user names entered into the system and available for Incident assignment


  • Updates:  Registered users are eligible for minor program updates and special upgrade offers.

Minimum System Requirements:  
  • Minimum System Requirements:  IBM Compatible PC running Windows® (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10); 8MB RAM; 30MB free disk space; CD-ROM drive for CD-ROM version only).
Current Version:  
  • 8.01.0014
Product Price Range:  
  • $0.00--$79.95 plus any applicable shipping charges

More options available under RESOURCES, above.


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