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Lucid Work-in-Process Barcode System

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The Lucid Work-In Process System was designed for a specific client with specific requirements.  This purpose of this product is to track the manufacturing process of products with the ability to pull products off of the product line in order to repair the product before continuing the manufacturing process.  The basic functionality of this product may be useful to your organization.  Of course, we expect that you would want the application tailored to your needs.  The Lucid Client Intake System is a complex application that can be used as a basis for your custom application.  Since many components may be used with only minor changes, this means that the development cost for your project could be reduced significantly, as you will not have to pay development costs for components that have already been developed.

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  • Scalability:   The Lucid Work-in-Process Barcode System was designed to make use of a Microsoft Access® database.  With minor programming changes, the application can be scaled to use other data bases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server®.  Please refer to the reports section for detailed information.

  • Client-Server Application:   The Lucid Work-in-Process Barcode System is designed to be used by multiple users whose access level is controlled by the Administrator.  The data is contained in a single back-end database, which may be accessed by authorized users.  NOTE:  The demonstration version of the application is a single user application that contains all data on the system where the demo was installed.  Please refer to the reports section for detailed information.

  • Tracking:   Tracks the manufacturing processes using barcode scanners.

  • Flow Process:   User-configurable.

  • Additional Features:   Additional product features are available through Lucid Enterprises Computer Consulting services.

  • Repair Action ReportClick to View All Reports

  • Reports:  
  • A variety of reports are available that may be viewed or printed. 

    Click on the report, below, to view sample output, or on the report icon on the right to view all reports:


    Awaiting Disposition by Failure
    Customer Report
    Customer Status Report
    Failure Code Report
    Item Code Report
    Location Process Report
    Location Process Summary Report
    MRB Report
    Part Number by Location Summary
    PO/MT Status Report
    Product Tracking Log by Date
    Repair Action Report This report lists all of the Repair Actions and their Action Codes.
    Serial Number by Location Report
    Serial Number by Part Number Report
    Valid Location Moves (matrix)
    Valid Location Moves by Auth. Code
    Valid Locations This report lists all of the Valid Location Codes sorted by Location Code
    Warehouse Report
    Weekly Location Summary Report
    WIP Employee Roster
    Work Order Status Report


  • Multiple-user:  There is no preset limit to the number of concurrent users.

Minimum System Requirements:  
  • Minimum System Requirements:  IBM Compatible PC running Windows® (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10); 8MB RAM; 30MB free disk space; CD-ROM drive for CD-ROM version only).
Current Version:  
  • 2.00.0000

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