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About Program Information

When Reporting Problems and Suggesting Enhancements, be sure to record all the information about the version of the application.  This information can be obtained by clicking on the 'HELP' | 'ABOUT' menu items on the Main Menu as shown below:

The following section details the information contained in the 'ABOUT' screen:

The first section of the 'ABOUT' screen contains the Product's short name (Reserve in this example); the Product's full name; the Product version (1.0.5 in this example); and the update release date.  If the Product uses additional databases, that information can be accessed by using the scroll bar.

The second section contains the Product copyright information (Lucid Enterprises, Inc.) and address or addresses of those holding the copyright.  Web links are generally included in this section as well.  Use the scroll bar to see all of the information.

The third section displays the Product licensing information and Product Serial Number (00000008-0202 in this example).  In this example, the Product is not licensed, and it will operate in demonstration (DEMO) mode only.

Press the 'OK' button to return to the application.  The 'SYSTEM' button will display important information about your computer and operating system.  Some of this information is necessary when submitting an Incident Report.

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