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Are you having trouble finding that special bottle of wine in your cellar?  Lucid Wine Management can help you manage your Wine Inventory and locate where all your wine is located!

Do you have Wine stored in boxes, but you can't find the bottle you want?  Lucid Wine Management can solve this problem!  Go through each bottle or case of wine and inventory the bottle and assign a Bin Number to the bottle or case.  Enter the Wine into the Current Wine Inventory screen.  Want to find a particular bottle of wine?  Use the Search function to locate which Bin your bottle is stored.  Search by Wine ID, Wine Name, Wine Varietal or Barcode.

Lucid Wine Management makes it easy to find your wine.  Start getting organized today!

Inventory Screen Click View All Screen Shots

  • Current Wine Inventory :  Inventory Screen View, add or modify your current Wine Inventory.

  • Import Data from Quicken®:   Import data from Quicken If you use Quicken®, you may export your Quicken® split transactions and import them into the Lucid Wine Management System. More information on the Quicken® export procedure may be found in the User Manual listed in the Resource Bar.

  • Wine Regios Report Click View All Reports

  • Reports:  
  • A variety of reports are available that may be viewed or printed. 

    Click on the report, below, to view sample output, or on the report icon on the right to view all reports:

    The downloadable User Manual contains copies of all these reports.


    Wine Regions Report This report shows Information about the Wine Regions you have defined.
    Winery Report in Specified Region This report shows detailed Winery information for each Winery in the specified Region.  Information includes, Tasting Notes, Tasting Hours and a number of other Winery attributes.
    Current Wine Inventory by Bin Number This report lists the bottles and count of all wine in each Bin.  This report is very useful to allow you to verify your Wine Inventory.
    Wine Inventory by Wine Rating This report lists the wine that you have rated.  Since the rating of a particular bottle of wine can change over time, the same bottle of wine may have different ratings.
    Current Wine Inventory by Wine Varietal This report lists your current wine inventory sorted by Wine Varietal.  This would probably be the most useful report you use.
    Wine Tags This report will print wine tags that you indicate are needed as checked in the Current Wine Inventory screen.  These tags would be printed to a 110# card stock.  Once printed, you can use a Cricut or Silhoette cutting machine to create the actual wine tag.  The Wine Tags are designed to accommodate most wine bottle neck sizes.
    A report to log your Wine Consumption This report will print a Wine Consumption Log.  This log is used to record your Wine Consumption prior to entering the data into the Wine Management system.


Minimum System Requirements:  
  • Minimum System Requirements:  IBM Compatible PC running Windows® (95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10); 8MB RAM; 30MB free disk space; CD-ROM drive for CD-ROM version only).
Current Version:  
  • 1.02.0006
Product Price Range:  
  • $14.95--$24.95 plus any applicable shipping charges

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