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Request Types and Priorities

Request Types Release Types Priority Levels Resolution Times

NOTE:  Product support will ONLY be provided for current, supported product releases.  Please make sure that you have the current release installed before reporting a Problem or requesting an Enhancement.

Request Types

Request Type Description
Problem The program application is not operating as designed or documented.  Typical 'problems' include receiving a critical error message that stops the program from functioning.
Enhancement This type of request is asking that the developer add new functionality or features to an existing application.  Other types of enhancements would included added documentation or changes in form layouts or reports.
Information Information is being passed on to the developer.  The person passing on the information has no expectations that new code or documentation will be produced as a result of this report.

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Release Types

Release Type Description and Notes
Alpha Test Alpha Test is the first phase of testing in a software development process.  The first phase includes unit testing, component testing, and system testing.  The highest reported Severity level for problems is '2' and '4' for Enhancements. 
Beta Test Beta Test Software is developed software that is ready for testing to find bugs, plain and simple!  This pre-release test cycle will last between four to six weeks.  Many times there are one or two beta test cycles before the software is ready for commercial 'Current' release.  The highest reported Severity Level for problems is '2', and '3' for Enhancements.
Current Release The Software is available for commercial use.  Problems and Enhancements may be reported at all Severity Levels subject to the reporting requirements.

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Priority Levels

Priority Level Description


High (Critical Problem) * No known workaround or solution to the problem.
* Causes the software to fail completely
* Requires constant restarting of the software or operating system
* Results in corruption or loss of data
* Prevents the installation of the software.


Normal * No known workaround or solution to the problem
* Prevents the use of an explicitly documented major function of the software
* Causes a software or operating system crash
* Use of the software is seriously impacted (mission critical usability problems)
* Installation issues


Low * Product does not work as explicitly documented
* Non mission critical usability issues
* Request for Product Enhancements that are a high priority


Information * Does not meet the requirements for Severity Levels 1-3
* Low priority requests for information
* Request for Product Enhancements
* Documentation errors

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Estimated Times for Resolution

Priority Level Estimated time to receive a code change to address request
1 - High 48 hours (2 work days)
2 - Normal 96 hours (4 work days)
3 - Low 2 weeks (14 work days)
4 - Information No commitment to a code change

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