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lu-cid adj. 1 a: suffused with light: LUMINOUS b: TRANSLUCENT 2: having full use of one's faculties: SANE 3: clear to the understanding: INTELLIGIBLE 4: Your source for computer consulting services

Do your computer systems experience a "failure to communicate?"  Do you have a variety of systems that don't talk to each other, requiring data to be manually copied from one system to another?  Lucid Enterprises can make your diverse systems talk to each other.  You don't have the application source code?  No problem!  We can analyze the data and create interfaces between existing systems, and/or develop new applications to expand the capabilities of existing systems.  For example, we created a Time Card Payroll System, integrating it into the existing Infor/DataStream MP2 System.

Lucid Enterprises provides a wide range of computer services to businesses of all sizes.

Our Products and Services include:


Professional Consulting Services, Customized Software and Database Development


Software Products and Systems


bullet   Audio and Multimedia

           Lucid CD Library

bullet   Business Software

           Lucid Client Intake System
           Lucid Help Desk
           Lucid Time Sheet
           Work-in-Process Barcode System

bullet   Finance Software

           Lucid Reserve Study Standard Edition
           Lucid Reserve Study Professional Edition
           Lucid Stock Symbol Lookup and Tracker

bullet   Home and Hobby

           Lucid Automobile Records
           Lucid Inventory System
           Lucid Electronics Workbench
           Lucid Wine Management System

Electronic Product Manuals


Consulting for Third Party Hardware and Software Products

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