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Print Quickbooks 99 payroll checks, 940, 941 and W-2 forms


HOT TIP:  Do you use QuickBooks 99 Professional for your payroll processing?  QB99 Professional was the last release that allowed users to do their own payroll in-house.  QuickBooks discontinued support, including tax table updates, for this product ending in the tax year 2005.  Do you want to be able to continue printing payroll checks and generate 940, 941 and W-2 wage statements?

Except for the maximum Social Security Wage limitation, federal taxes have remained the same since before 2005.  A program called "QTable" can be used to enable the printing of payroll checks even though the QuickBooks Tax Table has expired!

At the end of the 2005 Calendar year, QuickBooks 99 Professional stopped tabulating YTD numbers for wages and taxes.  The paycheck information is collected, but the YTD information does not appear on paychecks or 940, 941, W-2 and W-3 reports.  By using the following procedure, you may produce the data necessary to produce these reports.

  1. Open Quickbooks Pro 99
  2. Select and Open Check Register
  4. Enter the date range for the year (YY):
    - QTR 1: 01/01/YY - 03/31/YY
    - QTR 2: 04/01/YY - 06/30/YY
    - QTR 3: 07/01/YY - 09/30/YY
    - QTR 4: 10/01/YY - 12/31/YY
    - YR: 01/01/YY - 12/31/YY
  5. Check the 'Show Transaction Detail' box
  6. Press 'OK'
  7. On the 'Print Lists' Screen,
    - Select the 'FILE' radio button
    - Select 'Tab Delimited File'
    - Press 'PRINT'
  8. Save Document as "My Documents\Business\Taxes\YTDYYYY.txt
  9. Run the application QB99.EXE by clicking on the shortcut:
    "My Documents\Business\Taxes\Generate YTD Reports"
  10. View the Report:
    "My Documents\Business\Taxes\View YTD Reports"
  11. Go to the "My Documents\Business\Taxes\FY20<xx> folder.
  12. Transcribe the data from the reports to the appropriate 940 or 941 forms.

  13. From the QB99.mdb database, run the macro: 'Create Tax Year Records'
    This macro will create new Company and Employee Records for the new tax year
  14. Validate the newly created data in the Company and Employee Tables
  15. Open the file:
    "My Documents\Business\Taxes\W-2 Pre-printed Form YYYY.doc"
  16. Enable the mail-merge menu and mail-merge the file, sending to the printer.
  17. Make sure that the output lines up with the form. If not, adjust the output and save the file,
    using the current Tax Year instead of the file name opened.
  18. Download W-2 Forms from the IRS Website. These downloaded forms will be used for the filing
    copies of the W-2 form, NOT the W-2 form filed with the SSA.
  19. Open the file:
    "My Documents\Business\Taxes\W-2 Downloaded Form YYYY.doc"
  20. Make sure that the output lines up with the form. If not, adjust the output and save the file,
    using the current Tax Year instead of the file name opened.
  21. Repeat steps 15-20 for the form ...W-3 Preprinted...

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