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Lucid Product Update Instructions

The following provides instructions for obtaining and installing product updates for Lucid Enterprises products:

To obtain an update, the user must be registered (see Submit Registration)

Most products provide an integrated update service.   On the application Main Menu, select 'HELP', then 'CHECK FOR UPDATES'.  If a product update is available, please follow the provided instructions and install the update.

There is a known problem installing updates from some older applications.  Should you experience any difficulties, please download a free utility that will allow you to update all of your Lucid Enterprises Products:   Download the Software Update Utility.  Note your existing software that you want to update must already be registered.  In addition, you will need to know one product Serial Number of a Lucid Product you have installed and the email address that you used to register your software.

If the download does not fix your problem, or if you are unable to download the update, please submit an Incident Report to Technical Support (see Submit Incident Report).  A new update or complete product replacement will be provided to the user as necessary to resolve the issue.

The following is the step-by-step process used to obtain and install program updates:

  1. Go to 'HELP' on the Main Menu and click on 'CHECK FOR UPDATES'
    Check for Updates

  2. The Check for Updates process will let the user know if an update is available.  The example, below, indicates that there are no newer updates available for installation.  The update process is complete if this message appears.  If the user is experiencing problems, an Incident Report should be submitted to Technical Support (see Submit Incident Report).
    Updates already installed

  3. If a program update is available for download, the following message will appear.  Click on 'YES' to download the update, or 'NO' to cancel the process.  If responding 'NO', updates can be checked and installed at a later date using this same process.
    Update Available

  4. The program updates will be downloaded into a directory of your choosing.  Newer Applications will download the update files to the application installation directory in the \UPDATES folder.   If you are asked to provide a download directory, we suggest that you download the update into an easily accessed empty temporary directory.  All the downloaded files may be deleted after the update has successfully completed.  Respond 'NO' to just download the update, or 'YES' if you would like to review the Release Contents Report prior to installing the update (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required).
    Update is Available

  5. The update file download will appear after you respond (either YES or NO) to the information screen.  You may receive a Windows message saying that pop-ups are being blocked.  If so, respond by allowing pop-ups this one time so that you may download the update file.  NOTE: All newer applications will download an update file named UPDATE.EXE into the \UPDATES subdirectory of the application program.
    Save Update Files

  6. Save the update file in a directory of you choosing.  It is suggested that you use an easily accessed, empty directory for the download.  In our example below, we chose a directory named 'C:\Temp\Updates'.  NOTE: Newer Applications will download the update files to the application installation directory in the \UPDATES folder.  
    Choose Download Location

  7. Important:  While the update file is downloading, be sure to close the application so that the update may be applied.

  8. The following screen shot shows the contents of the selected directory after the download.  NOTE: Newer Applications will download the update fileis named UPDATE.EXE.  
    Download Results

  9. After the update file is downloaded, the file must be unzipped.  It is suggested that the file be unzipped into the same directory.  In the example, below, WinZip is used to extract the files (WinZip may be download for trial use) into the same directory.  NOTE: Newer Applications do not require you to extract the data.  Skip this step if the file UPDATE.EXE was downloaded.  
    Extract Downloaded File with WInZip

  10. The following examples shows the files that are extracted from the ZIP file.  The file 'ReadMe.txt' contains the installation instructions for the update; the file 'Update.bat' contains the application update script; the remaining files are used by the application update script.  Important: Before continuing, make sure that the application being updated is closed; it is also recommended that you read the contents of the 'ReadMe.txt' file.  When ready to install the update, double-click on the 'Update.bat' or 'Update.exe' (not shown) file.
    Extracted Update Files

  11. Upon completion of the application update script, a message indicating the update was successful will appear.  After installing the update, perform any instructions that were included in the 'ReadMe.txt' file, or instructions that may have been provided by Technical Support.  Should you experience any problems, first make sure that the application was not running when you attempted to install the update.  If problems persist, please submit an Incident Report describing the problem in detail (see Submit Incident Report).  Also, if you have any questions concerning these installation procedures, please submit an Incident report.
    Successful Update

  12. The application update process is complete:  Y ou may now restart your application.  You may check the installed program version by going to the Main Menu and select 'HELP', then 'ABOUT'.



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